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This is Shanghai – The City of Light and Luxury

Buildings higher than 300 meters, heavy traffic, millions of people – now you understand why Shanghai is “New York on steroids.”

Even when night falls, you see Shanghai in its true light and splendor. The view of the city becomes a futuristic, even a bit surreal.

01-prekrasen-grad-534-shanghai China Shanghai town city blocks of flats high-rise buildings city skyline Huangpu river flow Pudong evening travel traveling 03-54-shanghai-destination-01 04-prekrasen-grad-54-shanghai-china1 05-sangaj-night-43-606ef441dc0754edc28d85b_XL 06-sangaj-night-53-11529-1503x1014 07-h-night-ss_shanghai-city 08-Shanghai-Option4545 09-34-shanghai-Bund 10-prekrasno-43-ShanghaiSkyline 11-54-4shanghai-china-shanhay-kitay

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